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Markets Served

Cermag supply many industry sectors and our broad range of knowledge allows us to facilitate their manufacture needs. Below you can see a summary of just some of whom we serve.

Loud Speaker Magnets

Loud speaker magnets are usually ceramic material and Cermag stock a wide range of standard sizes. We also can machine bespoke sizes or drill fitting holes.

Railway Magnets

Magnets are important on non electrified rail lines. Used to trigger AWS (Automatic Warning Systems) a safety critical part. Cermag supply a range of magnets to conform to GERT specifications.

Guitar Pickup Magnets

Magnets in guitar pickups are usually Alnico or Ceramic. Cermag stock a huge range of standards as well as the ability of making hundreds of size variants. Our online shop for guitar pickup magnets is un-rivalled.

Magnets for Conveyors

Magnetic conveyors used for can handling etc., require strong ceramic magnets and sometimes neodymium magnets for elevators. Cermag can manufacture to size required, mark polarity and provide taper magnets. We can also offer advise on size needed if required.

Magnet for Sensors

A wide range of magnets can be used for an assortment of sensors, whether its break sensors for alarms or magnetic float sensors, or magnets used for hydraulic/accumulators. Cermag can offer a variety of magnets, made to suit application.

Holding Magnets

Probably the widest application for the use of magnets. From small pot magnets to large work holding devices. Cermag can supply all your requirements. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Food Line Magnets

Magnets in the food industry are important. To remove ferrous contaminant from production lines. Can be supplied as grids, boxed housings or individual bars. High strength rare-earth magnets used in high grade stainless.